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IT & Non IT Domestic & Overseas Placements (Asia, Middle East, Africa, Europe, USA & UK)
Executive Talent Search
Head Hunters & Executive Search Consultants

IT & Non IT Domestic & Overseas Placements (Asia, Middle East, Africa, Europe, USA & UK)

Welcome to Talent Search India!

Executive Talent Search India is a dynamic and result-oriented Talent Search company. Our name is synonymous with what we do for our clients. Laying a strong focus on talent, we apply a very detailed and elaborate method to head hunting. Our searches are rigorous and the end results are definite.
Meeting the expectations of our clients and candidates, and exceeding them is our motto. We would proudly confess that we have been highly successful in doing so from the very first assignment we undertook to the latest deal we closed.

Industry Expertise

Our expertise spans across various industries including: IT, Automobile, Consumer Services, Consulting &Financial Services, Infrastructure ,Engineering Research and Development , Entertainment,Media&Communication,FMCG/FMCD, Pharmaceutical, Healthcare & Life-Sciences, Retailing & Telecommunication. 


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Do You Have Any Question
About Us

India’s biggest strength is its people. We have done what we couldn’t have 20 years ago— competing for jobs in US, Europe and Australia. All said and done a country like India is a fitting alternative as back office for companies’ world over. Economical advantages aside, India is a hotbed of talent. And you have them more than ever climbing up the corporate ladder.

People are the backbone of any industry. When we recognized that human resource is an asset that every company is built upon and saw the potential every institution holds for its future because of its people that we embarked upon the idea of identifying talent with Executive Talent Search India. With humble beginnings and promise of a bright future, we set upon a journey that is not too uncommon in India or anywhere else. What are important are the entrepreneurial challenges that we have to deal in our own unique way and the difference of approach. We are not a me-too head hunting company. As our name suggests we scout for talent, as varied and unique as they might be. We are not the ones who just find jobs for people and vice versa. We offer a candidate unique opportunities to explore his/her fullest possible potential at the work place. And our clients don’t get just another employee but someone who fits the bill perfectly. Though employees are dispensable, we would bring in candidates who would tempt our clients to think otherwise.

Our Vision

India in the new millennium is a powerful player on world stage. Its biggest asset is its people. And Executive Talent Search India envisions a future where it would to be at the forefront of taking people in every industry to the pinnacle of their growth.

Our Mission

Executive Talent Search India strives to give every job a quality candidate who is tailor made to take on the responsibilities with full sincerity and zest. And we do this in a highly competitive turnaround time. High value for our customers and bright futures for candidates is our motto.

Management Team

The management team at Executive Talent Search India consists of highly respected and seasoned professionals covering various disciplines where each member is uniquely qualified and highly distinguished in their field.
Our unique management culture and business expertise enables us to provide clients with the most innovative, value-creating solutions.


Services Portfolio

We take the consultative approach to business. Taking the time to listen and understand the needs of candidates and clients is crucial to producing successful outcomes. You can rely on us to provide comprehensive service and support every step of the way.

Executive Talent Search India is to improve client’s profitability by enhancing productivity and performance through people. Our suite of business and solutions has been created to drive organizational effectiveness and business improvement.
Our focus is on increasing the value of our customers’ capital. We make it our business to maximize the competence and commitment of your people: their skills, their experience, their potential and their capacity.
We are not a job shop that just turns out a single deliverable and then moves on to the next client. We look to develop long-term, multi-year arrangements with our partners and take an active interest in their success.
All clients are highly referenceable and we’ve been working in partnership with them for years. We let our references do our boasting for us. Our clients think very highly of us and we are happy to put you in touch with them to hear for yourself.

Industry Expertise

Automobiles and Auto Components

The global car volumes are expected to grow from 66 million units in 2008 to 93 million units in 2016, thanks to emerging markets that would contribute to 95% of this growth. A growth of 26 million units is expected in the emerging markets during this period while developed markets would show a decline at 1.4 million units. Needless to say automakers and suppliers are looking east to the emerging markets especially China and India. Leading auto manufacturers are setting up shop in emerging markets to meet the demands of these new consumers and to reduce manufacturing and shipping costs.

Indian automobile and auto components industry is one of the most modern, flourishing, vibrant and upbeat in the world. The expanding middle class in India can afford a lot more than what it could 10 years ago. Factors like the government’s pro industry policies of being an enabler rather than a controller, high investments in infrastructure, stringent pollution norms and stiff competition by global automakers has lead to new joint ventures with local players and a better R &D;, contributing to the future of automobile industry that is slated for an exponential growth in the next decade.


IT Clients

Talent Search India invest on Human Capital within the organization as well as with our Clients. We take up challenges which push us beyond our limits to enhance Business practices beneficial to our partnered Organisations and take us to the next level of Growth and standard. Over a period of time, we have had the pleasure of working with many prestigious organizations.

Few of our prestigious Clients in the IT segment includes:-


Job seekers

We strive to be an employer of choice, and our HRD work hard to ensure that our benefit plans are competitive and comprehensive. Executive Talent Search India approaches benefits in a holistic fashion – we consider all of our employee needs.

If you are interested in applying for a position at Executive Talent Search India or with our clients, please send your resume to our Human Resources Department via e-mail at: or submit your resume online below

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Our Clients:

Over a period of time, we have had the pleasure of working with many prestigious organizations from Dynamic Startups to the large Multi national Companies around the World. Few of our prestigious Clients includes:

Our Awards & Accolades

Over the years, We have received a consistent number of awards and accolades. We are therefore humbled by being bestowed the following Awards and Certifications:
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“Fastest Growing Indian Company Excellence Award” by IAC, Bangkok (Thailand)

“Gold Medal for Excellance” by CIPS, New Delhi

“Business Leadership Award for Industrial Development” by IEDRA, New Delhi

“Mother Teresa Excellence Award” by ICSEP, Hyderabad

“Rajiv Gandhi Shiromani Award” by CIPS, New Delhi

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We appreciate your interest, and the time taken to view our site. Should you have any queries or would like to discuss in greater detail, connect with us now.  Share your valuable feedback, it will help us to serve you better. Thank you in advance. 


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