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The Non Resident Indian (NRI) and Person of Indian Origin (PIO) population across the world is estimated at over 30 million. As per a UNDP’s 2010 report, after China, India has the second largest Diaspora in the world, estimated at 25 million, besides being one of the largest “sending” nations in Asia, with an emigration rate of 0.8%, out of which, 72% work in other Asian countries.

India is finding its place on the global arena and Indian talent is in great demand. There are many reasons why Indians are preferred world over. The Indian Diaspora makes up a good proportion of the working class in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC). Indians have won hearts in Middle East with their commitment and dedication and they are the best choice for HR, Finance, Sales functions. In turn Indians are remunerated well, they have a high standard of living and manage to build good savings by working in Middle East. In 2005, about 40% of the population in the United Arab Emirates was of Indian descent. NRI population in the Gulf Cooperation Council countries is estimated to be around 6,000,000 (2006–2007), of which over 1,500,000 stay in the UAE.

East Africa has seen migrations from India in large numbers with people from Gujarat and Punjab running successful businesses in countries like Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania, many of them being backbone of the economies. Indian professional like doctors, engineers and teachers are in great demand, so are people from food, food processing, healthcare and pharmaceutical industries. According to McKinsey report at least 820,000 additional doctors, nurses, and midwives are needed to cater to the health of Africa as a continent.

South Africa has a major population of Indian descent and more are joining to make a life for themselves.

Indian IT talent is renowned world over and global industry big wigs admit to their ingenuity and innovation capabilities. The Indian industry group NASSCOM estimates that in 2008, the country’s software product revenues totaled $1.64 billion. It forecasts that this will grow to $11 billion per year by 2015. For years now Indian IT professionals have always found greener pastures in countries like USA and UK. Some of the biggest MNCs being in these countries mean that opportunity for Indians in terms of professional growth, a high standard of living and a chance to mingle with many cultures and international exposure. Other European countries to hold a great deal of career prospects for Indians. Countries like Germany, France, Belgium, Denmark etc., are open for people of expertise and new culture and Indians can build meaningful lives working in these countries.

Executive Talent Search India caters to all IT & Non IT industries across Asia, Africa, Middle East, USA & UK. We could find you that perfect opportunity in MNCs, private and public sector companies.

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